Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We blew up.

May Hem, here.

So after the success of the Big Bomb (I will share just a few of the links below to some of the wildly generous coverage we received after our Central Parkway operation in September - and thanks to many friends for posting photos to blogs and Facebook - a few above), we were all a bit startled by our new-found fame. Some of us went underground, some of us took a break, and some of us couldn't stop stitching.

I chose the second strategy and decided to head south for a little break on the beach with a male companion whom I will call "George Clooney" so as A: not to reveal his real identity, B: to describe his crazy good looks, C: because it makes me happy to be able to Google May Hem and George Clooney and find a link, albeit my own, that connects us together, forever, in virtual reality.

So we were lying on the beach in our fancy cabana and "George " was rubbing my tired hands because I had complained just the tiniest little bit about how all my intricate stitch work and blogging gave me carpal tunnel issues and therefore it was hard for me to even lift my drink! As you can imagine, this was distressing news all around.

So while "George" massaged, I recounted the Big Bomb success and the wild paparazzi filled aftermath and you know what he said?

"You blew up, baby."

I was all like "You mean like Snooki? Or Kim? Or Bethenny?"

And he was all like "No better than that."

And I was all like "Ha ha. Like who then?"

And he was all like "Dude, you are like way more  Debbie Harry or Gaga. You are using sex appeal ironically, right? You are using your sexed up identity and cute, craftsy materials sort of subversively, right? What's next? Reality show? World domination? Museum show? It's cool that all of those things are in the domain you've created. You own it, babe."

And I was all like "Where's the cabana boy?"

I excused myself and went to find cell service under a palm tree to call Pinky Shears to report on what "George" had said.  I was in a panic. Was I ironic? Was that a good thing? Why was "George Clooney" acting so smart?

Pinky laughed. "May, we are a bunch of women who know a good thing when we see it. We want to have fun. We are smoking hot. We work hard. We are wildly talented. We like to do things in the community that make you look twice and think about what else is possible. If that is ironic and subversive, then that's okay by me. Tell him we are working on a plan and that a BombShell doesn't reveal future plans to anyone, even if it is George Clooney."

So I did. And 'George Clooney' seemed to be fine with that, especially because we, well, you know. We did some subversive and ironic things.

What's next for the BombShells? We can't tell you EXACTLY what we are doing, but know that we are going to have a very busy end of the year and 2012 is going to be off the hook.

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  1. all this yarny YUMMYness, I just LOVE the colours.