Thursday, June 30, 2011

I believe this is what they call a BLITZ!

Say what?

The BombShells were featured on all three Cincinnati network news shows in a period of two days!!!

See for yourself. I think we've made a splash in this town we call home.

And here's the best part .... you aint seen nothing yet!

News 5 Slideshow.

'Yarn Bombers' Blanket City In Fluffy Graffiti - Cincinnati News Story - WLWT Cincinnati

Group Covers Landmarks With Knitted Graffiti

Cincinnati graffiti knitting phenomenon

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kate muses about our bombs. We like her.

Check it out!! Comrade Kate finds our handiwork and muses about it on her blog.


Follow May Hem and the BombShells and follow Kate. We will not lead you astray. Or at least Kate probably won't.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ahem. Channel 12 News Tonight at 11. Just sayin'.

I mean you can never be sure how the news will play out. That's for certain.

But we BombShells think you might just want to set your eyes on Channel 12 news tonight in Cincinnati, Ohio to see what a bombshell news pal of ours has to say about the DEEviant DEEliciousness we got ourselves into today.

Check out new gal and spokeswoman Minni Purl plus Pauls T.

Not that a BombShell has to wear a wig because we are all naturally platinum blondes, ya know, but in case we did, this is what our gear might look like.

Monday, June 27, 2011

OMG these dames are planners!

So they are working on the plans for the next operation or the operation after next. Who knows? They copy me on the correspondence and expect me to make heads or tails of it.

Pinky Shears and Big Foot reconnoiter the sites, make maps, and then send out the assignments. So far Babzy BS has a one pole and tree 10 and FrogRoyale has trees 8 and 9 and Sushi Girl has trees 5 and 6 and J Bomb has a pole and Toots made enough for a tree or a pole or a god knows what else.

And that is only the start of it.

We get times to meet (TOO EARLY!) and secret instructions at the last minute and then more secret last-minute instructions.

Good thing I like these ladeez and good thing they are going to stitch up some stellar bombs in beauteous colors in some amazing locations because Ms. May Hem is not really the very best at the DEEtails, unless of course, it is to lay down some DEElicious prose about DEEviant BombShell stories.

Like the time when Pinky and Louie and Casper jumped the line in front of a bunch of bikers at the karaoke bar and sang "99 Luftballoons" while knitting the cutest little red balloons you have ever seen and the biker we now call "The Big One" was ready to hit Pinky upside the head until she went all 'balloon animal" with her knitting and turned her balloon into a fancy handlebar cozy for his hog ... yes ... that is the sort of DEEtail this BombShell is inclined to recall. Not to mention the tequila with "The Big One." Not to mention ... (secret secret personal stuff.)

But keep your eyes peeled, ladies and gents. Because no matter what kind of DEEtails I spill now or later, the fruits of the BombShells' labor will become evident soon. Very soon.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's not easy being an early-morning BombShell.

May Hem here, barely.

Because let me tell you, darlings. It is not easy being a BombShell with a capital "B" and "S" cuz after you've been out until the wee hours doing wee hour of the night sorts of BombShell things (I recall pink cocktails, a young man with a startling tattoo, a war hero, a dance on a bar, a harrowing turn-of-the-bar-lights-for-last-call) it is not easy getting your self out of that warm bed and those warm arms and get to the Mission on time.

And these ladeez get up early, let me tell you.

Why already today we have visited (I myself was really was more of an adornment this morning than a presence as too much jiggling o-my-self would have made me weep) two of our favorite shopping establishments.

Can you guess where?

If you can find this sweet little Sushi Girl bomb, it's yours to keep. So as soon as you have some coffee and remember where you parked your car, hurry on out to a multi-dimensional retail corner where you can get some staples, your cash checked AND shop for the city's best luxury home goods. Wait, is that London calling?

Then, you can MOsey on over to a charming little OTR boutique named after an inanimate bombshell that is run by one of the city's most animated and philanthropic bombshells.

Have you guessed it yet??

With those final clues and these few photos, this BombShell is taking herself back to bed for some beauty sleep. Besides, it isn't polite to keep a war hero waiting, is it?

Over and out.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Be on the look out for tags and bombs!

Can you find this one by Sushi Girl?

Sushi Girl luvs sushi and New Yawk City. When she isn't hanging out with celebrity puppets, she is working with fabric in some BombShell-esque manner ... so cheeky and on the fly and under the radar.

Tres chic, non? 

Where is it? 

If you can ID a tag location, tell us where you found it and then tell us YOUR favorite Cincinnati location and we'll see if we can't make you a little, secret fiber present. 

Cuz we may be super sexy and secretive, but we BombShells have hearts of gold silk. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Code Name: Presidential Indiscretion

May Hem here. I am the official scribe for the BombShells. We are a crew of ladeez (and a few lucky gents) who aim to readdress the nature of graffiti with a nonpermanent, nondestructive, cozy medium.

Say what?!?!

We stitch and sew and crochet a little beauty into the environment on double top secret missions around town. That's Cincinnati for now.

(We aspire for world domination but what self-respecting bombshell doesn't?)

We stitch in secret and we might even bitch a little along the way. But the end result is surprising, whimsical and temporal. Which means that it won't last forever so when you see our bombs, take note!!!

In honor of International Yarn Bomb Day (yes kiddo, there is such a thing), we executed our first rock solid mission and fancied up the statues on Piatt Park on Garfield Place. Word has it that this is one of Cincinnati's oldest parks but we are too busy stitching to research such facts so trust us, it's old.

So anyway, 11 of the crew, including Pinky Shears, Yum Yum, Boo Radley, Babsy BS, WIP, Louie, Prickly Pear and FrogRoyale, ventured out at 6 a.m. on a sunny Sunday morning to give William H. Taft a knitted BombShell banner to hold and to get William Henry Harrison's horse ready for step aerobics by adorning him with leg warmers.

(Post-blog NOTE: We have been advised by our more literate and careful readers that we gave President Garfield the banner, not William H. Taft. And while we are more often known for our beauty and our guerilla-community-beautification-efforts than our brains, we stand firm on getting the facts about our city right. So careful readers, please do make sure to let us know when we lose our way, historically, geographically or otherwise. A BombShell tis not a bombshell with out the brains, ya know.)

Then a few of us moseyed on over to the Drag Races on Jackson Street to drop a few bombs to cheer on  our gal pals in drag.

Stay tuned for more BombShell high jinx in this summer of love, fiber and hot dames.