Thursday, June 23, 2011

Code Name: Presidential Indiscretion

May Hem here. I am the official scribe for the BombShells. We are a crew of ladeez (and a few lucky gents) who aim to readdress the nature of graffiti with a nonpermanent, nondestructive, cozy medium.

Say what?!?!

We stitch and sew and crochet a little beauty into the environment on double top secret missions around town. That's Cincinnati for now.

(We aspire for world domination but what self-respecting bombshell doesn't?)

We stitch in secret and we might even bitch a little along the way. But the end result is surprising, whimsical and temporal. Which means that it won't last forever so when you see our bombs, take note!!!

In honor of International Yarn Bomb Day (yes kiddo, there is such a thing), we executed our first rock solid mission and fancied up the statues on Piatt Park on Garfield Place. Word has it that this is one of Cincinnati's oldest parks but we are too busy stitching to research such facts so trust us, it's old.

So anyway, 11 of the crew, including Pinky Shears, Yum Yum, Boo Radley, Babsy BS, WIP, Louie, Prickly Pear and FrogRoyale, ventured out at 6 a.m. on a sunny Sunday morning to give William H. Taft a knitted BombShell banner to hold and to get William Henry Harrison's horse ready for step aerobics by adorning him with leg warmers.

(Post-blog NOTE: We have been advised by our more literate and careful readers that we gave President Garfield the banner, not William H. Taft. And while we are more often known for our beauty and our guerilla-community-beautification-efforts than our brains, we stand firm on getting the facts about our city right. So careful readers, please do make sure to let us know when we lose our way, historically, geographically or otherwise. A BombShell tis not a bombshell with out the brains, ya know.)

Then a few of us moseyed on over to the Drag Races on Jackson Street to drop a few bombs to cheer on  our gal pals in drag.

Stay tuned for more BombShell high jinx in this summer of love, fiber and hot dames.


  1. Actually, you gave James Garfield a knitted Bombshell banner. That's a statue of Garfield, not Taft. A statue of Taft would have required a whole lot more bronze to make.

  2. Lol... and he would be stuck in a bathtub instead of riding a horse :)

  3. Awesome. Thank you for doing this in our fare city. Brilliant and welcomed!

  4. Hey, I'm doing a photowalk this still up or will there be "something else, in a place tbd" that we should look for? The walk is downtown from 10-Noon. Would love to capture this and share with (even more) folks.

  5. LOL it's Bill Harrison on the horse and Jimmy Garfield facing the library :-D

  6. Thank you FrogRoyale for the beautiful bracelet I plucked from a tree on Central Parkway that had a tag on it that said "Take me! Wear me!" and I did and I did! Thank you for giving us 9 to 5'ers something to be amazed at and smile at all day long! Love it!