Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ahem. Channel 12 News Tonight at 11. Just sayin'.

I mean you can never be sure how the news will play out. That's for certain.

But we BombShells think you might just want to set your eyes on Channel 12 news tonight in Cincinnati, Ohio to see what a bombshell news pal of ours has to say about the DEEviant DEEliciousness we got ourselves into today.

Check out new gal and spokeswoman Minni Purl plus Pauls T.

Not that a BombShell has to wear a wig because we are all naturally platinum blondes, ya know, but in case we did, this is what our gear might look like.


  1. Love you guys! I wish my knitting was this good! :(

  2. Just moved from Cinci back to NE Ohio after...but I SO WISH i could've stayed down there to see this! You all rock! Keep it up! It cracks me up and puts a much needed smile on my face to see everything covered in yarn--and the leg warmers on Cincinnatus!