Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's not easy being an early-morning BombShell.

May Hem here, barely.

Because let me tell you, darlings. It is not easy being a BombShell with a capital "B" and "S" cuz after you've been out until the wee hours doing wee hour of the night sorts of BombShell things (I recall pink cocktails, a young man with a startling tattoo, a war hero, a dance on a bar, a harrowing turn-of-the-bar-lights-for-last-call) it is not easy getting your self out of that warm bed and those warm arms and get to the Mission on time.

And these ladeez get up early, let me tell you.

Why already today we have visited (I myself was really was more of an adornment this morning than a presence as too much jiggling o-my-self would have made me weep) two of our favorite shopping establishments.

Can you guess where?

If you can find this sweet little Sushi Girl bomb, it's yours to keep. So as soon as you have some coffee and remember where you parked your car, hurry on out to a multi-dimensional retail corner where you can get some staples, your cash checked AND shop for the city's best luxury home goods. Wait, is that London calling?

Then, you can MOsey on over to a charming little OTR boutique named after an inanimate bombshell that is run by one of the city's most animated and philanthropic bombshells.

Have you guessed it yet??

With those final clues and these few photos, this BombShell is taking herself back to bed for some beauty sleep. Besides, it isn't polite to keep a war hero waiting, is it?

Over and out.

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  1. Love your sense of humour and yarnbombs, and I won't mention the bombshells ;)

    cheers from Yellow Springs, Ohio