Sunday, July 17, 2011

Operation Twin Peaks. Cincinnati Enquirer is on to us!

Rome wasn't built in a day, ya know.

And neither is a BombShell bomb. These little yarn bombings take HOURS to plan and create and stealthily adhere to the landscape in some adorable way.

So we thought it would be awesome to bomb Romulus and Remus, to honor the twins who founded Rome (but who first had to be fathered by a God, abandoned, suckled by a she-wolf, adopted, shepherd flocks, learn their identity, stage coup, bicker, etc.).

That is sort of what it is like to be a BombShell. Only without the bickering. And we just suckle cocktails, thank goodness.

So check out the lovely gals at work PLUS the ink we got in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

And wait, just you wait BombShell fans, to see what we've been knitting for the future.

As we say where I'm from (and usually after a few too many in a poorly lit pool hall) you aint seen nothing yet.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Razzle Dazzle Noir. Happy Fourth from the BombShells!

Operation Razzle Dazzle took place at 5 a.m. this morning as the BombShells and their man can-do helpers  gave Northside a cute patriotic fiber look just in time for their own annual Fourth of July parade.

(We had to take the photos before the dawn's early light, so that's why these Operation Razzle Dazzle images look a bit more noir than glitzy.)

And just like the photo sez, Pinky Shears does indeed have a posse and this morning it included yours truly, Nellie Bomb, Sushi Girl, Babzy BS, FrogRoyale, J Bomb, Orson Welles, James Bomb, Stitches, Rasta Man, Big Foot, Wip, Boo Radley and Yum Yum Delish.

Many trees and poles and a few benches and branches received some BombShell love in this teensy tiny taste of the shape of things to come.

We celebrated our independent spirits this morning by bonding together to make the world prettier, one cute object at a time. We thank the early morning passers-by for giving us a thumbs up and for keeping our secret secret. We also thank the people who make alarm clocks and coffee. And yarn. And holidays. And we also especially thank the double-top-secret (but soon to be revealed) super great people and organizations who are helping to make our work both possible and slightly legal.

So get out there, you crazy kids! Light a sparkler! Make a flag! Kiss a sailor!

We'll be seeing you soon.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Soiree, Salon, Rendezvous, Insurrection, Bee?

They came in secret, each telling tall tales to get out of the house on time to attend a double-top-secret-brunch-meeting-stitch-n-bitch-bee-soiree-rendezvous of the BombShells.

"I'm going bowling," Prickly Pear told her friends.

"I'm just going to go for a walk in the park," Boo Radley said.

The host, Captain Hook, told her neighbors she was hosting a bridge party.

It's hard to gather a bunch of BombShells on the sly. But that's what we did. We disguised ourselves as regular women and met to do our dirty work: to crochet and knit our bombs for our next operation.

So in between stitches and sips of mimosas and bites of delicious brunchy fare, the BombShell meeting got underway. We had a lot to cover. Here in short, are the minutes.

Location: Captain Hook's Hideaway
Date: July 2
Time: 11-3

Present: Babsy BS, Prickly Pear, Boo Radley, Pinky Shears, FrogRoyale, Yum Yum Delish, Sushi Girl, Captain Hook, J Bomb, May Hem, Minnie Purl

Pinky Shears called the meeting to order and we discussed.

1. How freakin' great we are.
2. How many times we have been on TV.
3. How many articles and blogs have been written about us across the country.
4. Why we have to remember not to get too dazzled about our own press because we have a higher mission and a few bigger operations to manifest before we get too big for our britches.
5. How to pull off our next three operations in secret.
6. How great the food is.
7. How to make pom poms.
8. How fast everyone works (May Hem and Pinky Shears excluded.)

We adjourned the meeting with a reminder that what happens in Vegas ....

Wait. That was last week.

We reminded each other that the first rule of BombShells is not to talk about BombShells.

Ta Ta, darlings. Until we meet again. And I assure you, it will be soon  and it will be cute.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Say Can You See?

By the dawn's early light, it became clear that we have something to tell you.

Well let me see how I can say this delicately and without too much fanfare and bravado ...


The AP picked up the story as did several online forums and holy mary mother of yarn, our sexy hot bods and our brainy covert operation and our beautiful bomb babies have been parading front and center on your TV, web news and print publications.

What so proudly we hailed. Yes sirree.

And because we are clever as they come (and freakin famous now too!) we have given you a bunch of mammoth size clues about our next operation.

If you are smart enough to figure it out, keep it to yourself. Because remember, the first rule about BombShells is don't talk about BombShells. Blog and Facebook and Twitter, yes. But talk, no.

Celebrate your inner BombShell this weekend and do something fiercely independent. If you make the world prettier while you are at it, bonus points to you.