Sunday, July 3, 2011

Soiree, Salon, Rendezvous, Insurrection, Bee?

They came in secret, each telling tall tales to get out of the house on time to attend a double-top-secret-brunch-meeting-stitch-n-bitch-bee-soiree-rendezvous of the BombShells.

"I'm going bowling," Prickly Pear told her friends.

"I'm just going to go for a walk in the park," Boo Radley said.

The host, Captain Hook, told her neighbors she was hosting a bridge party.

It's hard to gather a bunch of BombShells on the sly. But that's what we did. We disguised ourselves as regular women and met to do our dirty work: to crochet and knit our bombs for our next operation.

So in between stitches and sips of mimosas and bites of delicious brunchy fare, the BombShell meeting got underway. We had a lot to cover. Here in short, are the minutes.

Location: Captain Hook's Hideaway
Date: July 2
Time: 11-3

Present: Babsy BS, Prickly Pear, Boo Radley, Pinky Shears, FrogRoyale, Yum Yum Delish, Sushi Girl, Captain Hook, J Bomb, May Hem, Minnie Purl

Pinky Shears called the meeting to order and we discussed.

1. How freakin' great we are.
2. How many times we have been on TV.
3. How many articles and blogs have been written about us across the country.
4. Why we have to remember not to get too dazzled about our own press because we have a higher mission and a few bigger operations to manifest before we get too big for our britches.
5. How to pull off our next three operations in secret.
6. How great the food is.
7. How to make pom poms.
8. How fast everyone works (May Hem and Pinky Shears excluded.)

We adjourned the meeting with a reminder that what happens in Vegas ....

Wait. That was last week.

We reminded each other that the first rule of BombShells is not to talk about BombShells.

Ta Ta, darlings. Until we meet again. And I assure you, it will be soon  and it will be cute.

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  1. And may I say...Captain Hook still needs to share her recipe for that fabulous cheese blintz souffle!!!