Monday, June 27, 2011

OMG these dames are planners!

So they are working on the plans for the next operation or the operation after next. Who knows? They copy me on the correspondence and expect me to make heads or tails of it.

Pinky Shears and Big Foot reconnoiter the sites, make maps, and then send out the assignments. So far Babzy BS has a one pole and tree 10 and FrogRoyale has trees 8 and 9 and Sushi Girl has trees 5 and 6 and J Bomb has a pole and Toots made enough for a tree or a pole or a god knows what else.

And that is only the start of it.

We get times to meet (TOO EARLY!) and secret instructions at the last minute and then more secret last-minute instructions.

Good thing I like these ladeez and good thing they are going to stitch up some stellar bombs in beauteous colors in some amazing locations because Ms. May Hem is not really the very best at the DEEtails, unless of course, it is to lay down some DEElicious prose about DEEviant BombShell stories.

Like the time when Pinky and Louie and Casper jumped the line in front of a bunch of bikers at the karaoke bar and sang "99 Luftballoons" while knitting the cutest little red balloons you have ever seen and the biker we now call "The Big One" was ready to hit Pinky upside the head until she went all 'balloon animal" with her knitting and turned her balloon into a fancy handlebar cozy for his hog ... yes ... that is the sort of DEEtail this BombShell is inclined to recall. Not to mention the tequila with "The Big One." Not to mention ... (secret secret personal stuff.)

But keep your eyes peeled, ladies and gents. Because no matter what kind of DEEtails I spill now or later, the fruits of the BombShells' labor will become evident soon. Very soon.

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