Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Bombshell's Cookbook

We Bombshells often get asked how we do what we do.  How exactly do we create a yarn bombing? 

Is it magic?

Extreme craft devotion? 

Military precision that would make China blush? 

Maybe a little from all of the above.  It’s really pretty simple.  We’re multi-talented domestic goddesses.  Not only does this girl knit, but she loves to cook too.  Our process is a lot like the perfect recipe.  And unlike your aunt Edna, we won’t claim ours is a “secret” and withhold the details.

A Bombshells Yarn Bombing
  • 1 part wild idea for a location or project
  • 2 parts sneaky Cloak and Dagger skills (Catlike reflexes and ability to enter and exit locations without detection can be substituted here.)
  • 1 cup of bourbon (Let’s be real.  Two cups.) to lower inhibitions
  • 15 clever Bombshells, common sense removed for creative purposes
  • A fabulous sense of style paired with an eye for detail
  • A generous amount of yarn plus additional yarn for garnish
  • 1 or more sleepless nights frantically finishing a project (adjust as needed)
  • The ability to quickly assemble a fiber puzzle from numerous pieces
  • 3 getaway cars (optional depending upon how fast you can run in heels)

Combine ingredients and await reaction.  Serve with a side of blonde wigs and sunglasses.

Any questions?

Sometimes we all need a little extra inspiration to get cooking.  Here are a few photos from our recent creations for Vogue Knitting Chicago.  Recipe results may vary…

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