Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fountain Square and Arnold's and Santacon, oh my.

So we wore our winter whites and decided to share our esteemed knowledge of crafty cuteness on a very very eventful December day!


That's the nutshell version of it.

It started out for the greater good as the gals did their folksy tutorial with some awesome new pals at Arnold's. Check out the pictorial below.


Charming and harmless and sedate and adorable. BombShells behaving.

Well then we went over to Fountain Square to carol and skate and bomb and give warmly knitted gifts to those in need and such where we ran into an entire squadron of Santa Clauses.

One thing led to another, as it tends to do, and it took me a week to find my way back from Santa's "workshop" at the North Pole (which looks suspiciously like Over the Rhine, by the way.)

So from the bottom of my now-merry little heart and on behalf of the rest of the BombShells, we wish you a warm, colorful, cozy old-fashioned holiday with just the right people around you.

Because you deserve it. You really, really do. 

And if Santa isn't good to you this year, just give us a holler and I will chat him up directly (I know where he lives, remember) and/or we'll just bypass that entire operation and send some knitted love directly to you and yours.

Love and mittens, 

May Hem and the BombShells.

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