Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Silence is Golden. I mean pink and purple and orange and red and soft and monumental and ...

So have you been a bit worried about us?

Oh, sure, we've tickled your fancy on our Facebook page. (And if you want constant adorable reminders of what we love in this vast fiber world, that's the ticket.)

But we have been quiet on the social media front, haven't we? That is because your faithful May Hem has been Hemming it up abroad. And sugar, let me tell you it takes a real broad to be a BombShell abroad. My platinum locks are all the rage here with my island companions. I have been promised passion and strength. I have been offered secret potions. I have been offered things that you cannot even imagine.

But have I been offered companionship and craftsmanship and a colorful whimsical chandelier?

No. That is happening back home, in the silence of the night and over long days as the gals prepare for the TRULY, NEWLY (fiber) CHIHULY event at the Cincinnati Art Museum on February 11th!

Join The BombShells of Cincinnati and their fabulous Sidekicks as they create a monumental installation that will hang from the center of the Great Hall at the Cincinnati Art Museum. The colorful knitted and crocheted installation will consist of a “soft” chandelier, 5 larger than life sized marionette puppets, and whimsical and “heartfelt” yarn-bombing art. In addition to the installation, there will be “craft” stations set up and facilitated by the BombShells. You're invited to create your own yarn art to add to the installation.

If this isn't titillating enough, check out this AMAZING rendering and see the girls and their sidekicks at work in these never-before-seen glimpses of a BombShell in the disguise of a regular woman.

But most important, prepare your inner BombShells to join us on February 11th!

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  1. OH! I wanna be there, but I've got to attend a "vision" session for my CSA group on this date...and since I'm a leader, I should probably be there to help facilitate, but oh man! I really wanna play with yarn with the bombshells! Some choices are just so difficult to make! Have fun