Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Operation Kitten Knittin'

Hi all! Kitty Knitter here. Your newest resource for keeping up-to-date on all things Bombshell. We were crafting about town again on Sunday and had the pleasure of meeting Bono, Bowie, and Barry Manilow. And, yes, they’re just as good looking in person as you imagined. Long orange tabby fur you just want to run your fingers through. Ohio Alley Cat Resource (OAR) held their second annual Kitten Shower. Doesn’t it make you want to clap your hands and squeal like a little girl at the cuteness? Bombshells + kitties = match made in heaven. I mean, other than a Bombshell, who loves yarn more than a cat?

We spent the afternoon stuffing and stitching catnip mice for our furry feline friends. The community was invited to shower the shelter (and the adorable kittens) with love and supplies. For those of you not “in the know”, OAR is an amazing non-profit organization that provides high-quality spay/neuter services for feral kitties, strays, and pets. They have a small adoption center as well as a feral cat colony on site. They operate a no kill shelter so the kitties have a place to stay until they find a permanent home. 

By shower standards (and I’m an expert since I’ve been to enough to last me a lifetime.), it was pretty great. Cake was shared, gifts were exchanged, and everyone “oohed” and “ahhed” over the babies. Just like the dozens I’ve attended lately minus the onesies and desire to stick a plastic fork in your eye if you have to feign interest in a Diaper Genie one more time. But, I digress… 

I think it's safe to declare the Bombshell's "Operation Kitten Knittin’" a success! Our stunning good looks and blonde tresses made us the life of the party. We made new friends of both the 2 legged and 4 legged varieties. Orlando, the big blue cat mascot of OAR, even paid us a visit. We presented him with a handcrafted crown and mouse toy for the party. He looked quite festive for the occasion. Alas, some of our new friends were harder to part with than others (I’m looking at you Glenfidden of the Clan McLeod).


After performing a complicated algorithm of appropriate cat to square foot ratio for my car, I ultimately went home alone. I think it was the image of a clown car filled with kitties unloading at my house that prevented me from asking for a bulk discount on adoptions. That, or the inevitable crazy cat lady intervention that was sure to follow from my family and friends. They would express their concern at the volume of lovable fur babies in my one bedroom apartment. And, I (clothes covered in cat fur and blond Bombshell hair unkempt) would shout things like "I can quit whenever I want!" and "I learned it by watching you!” Yep. That's enough to keep me from binging on kitties for now.
Seriously though, we can’t say enough about this wonderful organization. Support OAR. Open your home and foster a cat. Open your wallet and donate. Volunteer your time. In the end, a nice afternoon was had by all. The overwhelming cuteness of the event, the cats, and the Bombshells was enough to warm anyone’s cold, cold heart. We even got to see a few of our new feline friends get adopted. Now that makes this Kitty purr.


  1. What a wonderful post! Thank you, thank you so much for helping OAR. The BombShells took the event to another level. Be sure to check out more photos from the shower on the Ohio Alleycat Resource Facebook page. -- Kathy Schwartz, OAR. >^..^<

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  3. Barry Manilow has been adopted. :-) As far as I know, Bowie and Bono are still looking for forever homes. These boys are super-cute, too!